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About Me

I grew up in a family where women didn’t just sit and watch TV – they knitted, crocheted or sewed at the same time. Initially I was a knitter but a bout of tendonitis in the early 1990s forced me to stop. I noticed some little cross stitching kits in the wool store, bought one and taught myself. Within a year I’d also taught myself to design. Designing involved coming up with an image and tracing it onto graph paper or drawing directly onto the graph paper. Having a computer program is a lot easier!


The tendonitis disappeared but by then I was so in love with working with lots of colours at the same time that I’ve only picked up my knitting needles once or twice in the past 20 years. (I will finish that jumper one day…) For a long time my designing was limited to wedding samplers or changing other people’s designs to suit myself.


Like many stitchers I have a mountain of designs I’d love to do but there were also the designs that I wanted to do that hadn’t been designed by anyone else – so I started designing them myself. Then I discovered watercolour and met other artists who were also interested in seeing how their artwork looked in threads.


As I’m not the fastest stitcher in the world (and as I have a day job too) I now have a list of designs I want to create, a file full of print outs of designs I have created but haven’t stitched, some in the process of being stitched/framed and a few that I’ve managed to complete. The idea is the number of completed designs will grow…

You can contact me here.

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