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Saturday Share
3D Saturday Share
2/13/2016 5:35:02 PM
This week's Saturday Share is one of those designs that I looked at and wished I'd thought of doing myself. .
Saturday Share
1/30/2016 4:13:12 PM
Monochrome designs can be exquisite and they're extremely easy to personalise by using your favourite shades. Unfortunately for me, I find it more interesting to stitch with lots of colours but that doesn't mean I don't admire those designers who have the dedication to work away in one or two shades.
Saturday Share on a Sunday
1/17/2016 1:21:32 PM
Here's the first Saturday Share of 2016 and I'm late. You would think with it being the first that I'd manage to sort myself out but even though it's less than three weeks old, 2016 is already looking like one of 'those' years.
Saturday Share on a Sunday
11/29/2015 12:42:56 PM
Well, it's another grey November day, perfect for stitching something that reminds you of summer - this is, of course, another benefit of any hobby that involves using colour - you can pick something bright and cheerful.
Saturday Share on a Sunday
11/22/2015 12:53:35 PM
Once again I'm late with the Saturday Share - I've been doing some paid-for work, which has thrown my schedule out - still, at least I have got as far as doing it this week..
Saturday Share
11/7/2015 5:58:40 PM
Not unusually, it was difficult picking a Saturday Share this week - there are so many great designs out there - if you're on Facebook join Cross Stitch Showcase to see them all.
Saturday Share
10/17/2015 5:21:22 PM
This week's Saturday Share is a return to one of my favourite themes - and one that I really wish I could draw (mine never come out quite right, although I do keep trying) - dragons!
Saturday Share
9/26/2015 5:45:45 PM
It's been a while, for which I apologise - I've been busy, hopefully I'll be able to reveal more in the next few days - but it's time to get back to sharing others' work.
Saturday Share
5/9/2015 6:49:01 PM
For this week's Saturday Share I'm going to share a design that features something I really don't like - yes, I know, this sounds incredibly weird but bear with me.
Saturday Share
5/2/2015 7:34:08 PM
I often used to hear people say they didn't like cross stitch because it was 'just flowers and old-fashioned stuff' - I'm guessing they meant samplers. This week's shares appeared under the theme 'floral fancy' and perhaps fancy is the operative word!
Saturday Share
4/11/2015 8:54:35 PM
A design all the way from Australia this week - as soon as I saw it, I knew I would be posting it on here.
Saturday Share
3/28/2015 12:36:31 PM
As I know I've missed at least one week over the past month or so, I thought this week's Saturday Share could make up for my absence by sharing more than one design.
Saturday Share
3/14/2015 7:26:04 PM
What a very sad week this one has been. There are so many books the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett should have written and, now, never will write.
Saturday Share
2/28/2015 4:16:51 PM
An interesting Saturday Share this week because it's one of those pictures that makes you stop and wonder what's going on.
Saturday Share
2/21/2015 6:01:35 PM
Sometimes when it comes to the Saturday Share I find myself feeling as if I should be writing loads of introductory text that explains why I've chosen a particular design.
Saturday Share
2/14/2015 10:30:25 PM
Generally I only share pictures - that's because my sewing skills are nowhere near as good as my cross stitch and blackwork skills and I tend to share the designs that I can imagine myself stitching if I reached the grand old age of 334 and had time to do everything I want to..
Saturday Share
2/7/2015 8:27:27 PM
So many gorgeous designs to choose from this week - it's been really difficult to choose just one Saturday Share - so I've decided to go for three (and even that's proved a difficult decision!).
Saturday Share
1/31/2015 4:00:05 PM
As soon as I saw the design I'm sharing this week I knew it would be very difficult to find one to beat it.
Saturday Share
1/24/2015 4:35:32 PM
I love the idea of projects that you can add to monthly and that form a record of the year. It's even better when there's a story behind the designs.
Saturday Share
1/17/2015 4:32:56 PM
There were owl designs this week but, as I'm always posting owl designs, I decided to resist and opt for something completely different.
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