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It's a dog's life!
I had the bright idea of giving Lady Elinor a dog. I wanted it to be sitting looking up at her. I have a dog that always turns her head away from the camera. What could possibly go wrong?

Pretty much the entire morning as it turns out. Phebe is usually a good girl in the house, if you ignore her habit of cleaning the front window, but she doesn't like facing the camera. But as I didn't want her to face the camera this couldn't be a problem could it?

She sat beautifully and, when she saw the camera in my hand turned her head away in what was the perfect pose. Beautiful Pheebs! Good girl! I raised the camera to my face and, instantly she went into the down position.

I put the camera by my side, patted my leg and, sure enough she sat again and was given a treat. I raised the camera, she dropped down. This continued for some time until, eventually, I decided to go inside, sit her by my leg and take a photo of her sitting.
Not looking at the camera

As this didn't give me the position of her legs, I decided to take a delfie (hold camera as far away from dog as possible and press button without having a clue what will emerge).

I got a photo of some fur and the dog made a dash for it. She obeyed the command not to go up the stairs but instead retreated under the kitchen table. As I agreed with her view that she IS more important than the design I put the camera away. She didn't believe it and even when I showed her the lead refused to emerge, presumably on the grounds it might turn into a camera and I could no longer be trusted to behave properly.

Once on the walk all usual commands became something else. 'Heel' became 'I will find a stick and dance along as far from the path as possible but I will still be level with your heel'; 'Go' became 'I will run round in circles until I find the muddiest spot possible and then I will race through it'. 'Come' became 'I can't think of a way out of this one except to get to you as slowly as possible'.

Having made it to my desk instead of being her normal settled self, she gave me a (loud) running commentary on every car and person who passed the house. It was only after lunch that things settled down.

Lady Elinor might have to wait a while for her dog... In the meantime, here's how our delfie turned out!
The delfie

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