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Two new releases!
I've been promising them for ages and now they're finally here: a new Lady Elinor and a new character, Lady Maude. And what would you know, as I uploaded Lady Maude I spotted an error in the chart. Grrr...

Fortunately, it is not a serious error - at some point I must have clicked the mouse and on page 10 of the chart I've left a single symbol right at the edge. It does not need stitching. Update: the pattern has now been amended and the random symbol has disappeared!

The Lady Elinor design was inspired by the realisation of how long I've been doing the day job (writing). I still remember being 17 - vividly - and I can't work out where the time's gone. The colour of her gown is my interpretation of 'marigold', one of the colours used in the sixteenth century. I still haven't worked out how dying monkey and scratchface might convert to DMC...

'May the best you've ever seen be the worst you'll ever see' are the opening lines to a Scotch toast that's printed on a tea towel that hung at my grandparents' house for many years. It now hangs in my house and while I can never remember the rest of the verse those opening lines have been with me for years. I knew I wanted to do something with them but I realised I needed a different character to utter them. I did a few sketches of various costumes and the one that worked out best for stitching eventually became Lady Maude.

The design I'm currently working on is something completely different. I've stitched up about half the model and if the remaining half is as good I'll be really pleased.

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