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Back soon!
Yes, really, after months of enforced absence - I'll be spending the weekend uploading all of my designs to a new shop that will take care of the VATmess for me..

I've been looking around for an alternative to Etsy for some time - I was a little disenchanted with its reaction when the whole VAT thing blew up - and I've finally found one that's UK-based. As I'm all for supporting fledgling start-ups in the UK it's really nice to be able to vote with my (digital) feet.

Just because I haven't been selling doesn't mean I haven't been working - I've been wielding my paintbrushes and my mouse and there are some interesting new designs waiting to be stitched up.

I've also been working on a new project that should go live next week. It was going to be 1 October but now might have to be 3 or 4 October because that's the weekend and there's still the day job to do. It's been a mad mixture of scary, exciting and frustrating - and I'll reveal all next week!

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